I think there are mission-based Entrepreneurs and there are obsession-based Entrepreneurs.

Mission-based Entrepreneurs are very methodical. They like boring businesses. I have a good friend who is an incredibly smart marketer and he thrives when business is boring and methodical without a lot of erratic behavior. He’s not attracted to bright shiny objects.

Obsession-based Entrepreneurs will do whatever it takes to make things happen, and it doesn’t matter how messy it gets. They drive toward opportunities that will serve the bigger mission they are making happen, even when those opportunities are bright and shiny.

Both mission-based and obsession-based Entrepreneurs can make enormous amounts of money. And the ones that have the biggest breakthroughs are often the obsession-based Entrepreneurs…BUT…they are also the ones with the highest divorce rates, highest levels of addiction, highest levels of mental illness, and up-and-down mood swings. Some of them even take it too far and get into legal trouble. Yet, they are also the ones that have the highest ability to change the world.

In my own life, I’m spending half my time helping people struggling with addiction – and it makes me no money. I actually PAY money to do it. It’s painful, complicated, difficult work to do… but it won’t leave me alone. I know I have skills, knowledge and capabilities that can help in that area and with that mission. And while I’m still trying to figure out the best way to direct it and it may be painful, complicated and difficult work… it’s simultaneously incredibly FULFILLING.

The questions to ask yourself are:

  • How Are You Wired?
  • What stage are you at in your life?
  • What is your modus operandi?

It’s about being able to take your skill and capability, and direct that energy in the most useful, functional way for the world, for profit …AND… for your own human happiness, engagement and enjoyment.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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