If you’ve been self-quarantining, I’m sure you’ve cleaned every facet of your house, and you’ve tackled all the errands you can. But this May, there are several holidays coming up that can help you make the most out of your stay-cation.

“Star Wars” Day

May 4 is an unofficial holiday for “Star Wars” fans to celebrate their favorite moments and characters in the franchise. So take advantage of the time you have at home to binge all your favorite “Star Wars” movies and TV shows. After you’ve done that, there are several board games and book series that you can enjoy.

Free Comic Book Day

If you love the Marvel or DC movies, like “Avengers” or “Aquaman,” and want to check out the source material, May 2 is THE day to do it. Although in-person events are canceling due to COVID-19, you can still dive into comics featuring your favorite characters from the comfort of your home.

National Paranormal Day

If you’re a ghoul or ghost enthusiast, there is no better time to stock up on your favorite classic scary movies and books, like “Mr.Boogedy” and “Ghostbusters.” On May 3, challenge your family’s story-telling-skills by gathering everyone in a circle to swap scary stories under the light of a single lamp.

As we’re all looking for new and fun ways to make the most out of being homebound, reach out to your local community for ideas. You would be surprised by how creative people can be during these circumstances. And, if you’re an AFEUSA member, reach out to your community of fellow entrepreneurs through your membership portal for other ways to have fun in-doors.


Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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