Finding quality employees can be frustrating at times, and social media can make the whole process even more confusing. Running a small business is already very stressful. By using these strategies in your hiring process, you can eliminate another potential source of stress and frustration.

Create FOMO With Social Media

Social media channels like Instagram have given employers the ability to personalize and differentiate themselves as a brand. It is a great platform for communicating your company culture and workplace environment. By using social media, you can highlight the amazing experience your employees have going to work every day and encourage qualified candidates to apply for the same experience.

Try LinkedIn For Targeted Hiring

If you have a position that requires specific experience, LinkedIn is a great tool to utilize. LinkedIn offers a wide assortment of resumes so you can find that exact person you need to fill any position. With LinkedIn’s search tools at your disposal, it’s easy to narrow down your search as well.

Encourage Employees to Share Their Experience & Job Posting

Utilizing your staff is a great way to spread the word about your job opening. Having them post about the opening on social media and talk about the positives of their job can generate a positive Word of Mouth for your company. In addition, this will attract candidates who are already close to your current employees, which can improve company culture. 

If you find these helpful, I implore you to continue to investigate the tools that various social media platforms have for you to use.

by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA