Running your own business is an exciting and fulfilling process—but there are a lot of variables to consider. As a small business owner, you must balance your time between increasing cash flow and building your business’ mission, branding, and sharing your passion. Two of the many avenues to increase funding are grants and loans. Grants are a much safer way to obtain financing.

A grant is a gift and a loan is borrowed money

Grants may be awarded by government departments, trusts, or corporations and given to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, or non-profits.


Small businesses take out loans to start up or expand. But, loans can be very risky. With loans the borrower is required to repay the money—with interest and within a certain period of time. If the loan is not repaid in full within the particular time frame, the lender may take the borrower’s asset(s), oftentimes worth twice the value of the loan.


Grants, on the other hand, are a no-risk way to raise the funding you need. If your business fails to repay a loan, your assets are in jeopardy. Grants do not require repayment and will only benefit you or your business. Once you’re awarded the grant money, it’s yours. However, due to the competitive nature of grants, the application process can be daunting.

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Do I even qualify for a grant? Yes. There are a wide variety of grants available, allowing all types of businesses opportunities to be awarded grants. Keep in mind that each grant has its own guidelines and expectations. While all businesses can qualify for a grant, there is a larger pool of grants set aside for women, minorities, and veterans.

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA