Eckhart Tolle has a quote that says, “Here is a new spiritual practice for you: Don’t take your thoughts too seriously.”

A lot of times in my life while going through recovery, there have been withdrawals, cravings, feelings of depression, feelings of hopelessness, etc. and I feel a certain way.

I’ve had to remember that feelings are not facts. Just because we feel a certain way doesn’t mean our life is over. As a matter of fact, right on the cusp of having the biggest breakthroughs in your life, you could feel the worst and the most scared.

I’ve learned that when something feels a certain way to look at where I am at and where I’m going, and to focus on progress not perfection.

When dealing with high profile people who have had a fall from grace…people who have had EVERYTHING…fame, money, notoriety, etc. … and seeing it disappear almost immediately, it makes you realize what is important and what REALLY matters.

Just because someone thinks you shouldn’t be doing something to better yourself, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If they are looking out for you and are really genuine, it could be helpful. But if they don’t take an interest in your goals, desires and intention, and they are simply putting you down, it has NOTHING to do with you; It has to do with them.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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