Here’s my attitude: “I’m not entitled to anything, and nothing is going to come to me, without creating value first.” This is something I learned from my good friend, and Founder of Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan. “Imposter Syndrome” is one of the biggest things Entrepreneurs struggle with. It’s also one of the reasons why some people don’t come to, or stay in, Genius Network. They want to fit in, but they don’t know how. They want to give value to the group, but they don’t know how. What makes this even more interesting is this is expressed by people that are SUPER SUCCESSFUL. Yet, they still struggle with this.

There is a huge amount of “I’m an imposter” in the world. And part of this comes from not having done the personal work. I’ve done a TON of personal development because I think being a better business owner is connected to being a BETTER HUMAN.

A quick way to work through feeling of not feeling “deserving”, “worthy” or that you “don’t belong”, is to read a book by my friend Todd Herman called “The Alter Ego Effect”. The premise of the book is you can either go through years of therapy – OR – you can adopt an ALTER EGO.

This is different from “faking it till you make it”. There are a lot of examples of people who are able to perform because they adopted an alter ego. They go through a whole process for this, and it’s a great tool. Having said this, a lot of people take this idea to extremes. The way Todd Herman does it results in making you a better performer and a better person.
However, some people have personas, yet they are terrible as humans.

A lot of these people who are not being good humans, if they were so inclined, could actually ask, “What would a really good human be?,” and live into that. The reality of all of this is you GENERATE self-esteem.

You GENERATE confidence. You GENERATE empathy. You don’t just get it by chanting affirmations in front of a mirror. That may help slightly, but you do things to GENERATE self-worth. Any area of your life you want betterment in, ask yourself: “How Do I Generate It?”

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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