With hurricane Harvey desolating the state of Texas, the thought of being prepared must be at the forefront in the minds of all Americans. It’s so easy to have a sense of security living in the U.S. where we have the best first responders of any other nation; where volunteers show up and don’t sleep until the last person and sometimes even dog is removed from the last failing structure.

“…what happens when you have to abandon ship… and you are overseas?”

Although we can be prepared with extra food and water storage, a bug-out bag and extra first aid items, what happens when you have to abandon ship? If you have to get out, and fast? Now, what if you are overseas? Game changer, right? AFEUS has a seldom thought of Member Benefit that we’d like to introduce:

Introducing SkyMed Group

The flagship of the SkyMed Group of Companies, has been serving the traveling public since 1989. A membership company specializing in 18 emergency travel services, we have organized air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance. If a member sustains a critical illness or injury while traveling in one of the 32 countries that make up the SkyMed UNIVERSE, they will be repatriated back to their home hospital of choice. Contact SkyMed with several options for your emergency travel membership services.

We pick up where traditional travel insurance plans leave off.

Most people have health insurance; when they’re ready to travel, adding travel insurance should be enough to cover “life’s unexpected moments,” right? Wrong. Being stranded somewhere other than your hospital of choice should never be an option. Unfortunately, this practice is widely accepted as being good enough.

Emergency situations don’t come with a warning: SkyMed offers peace of mind that can translate into thousands of dollars in savings should you need a medical evacuation when traveling.

Kendra E.J. Woodruff is the Marketing Director for AFEUSA and the Founder of Work Spouse Consulting, LLC, a boutique Marketing and Advertising agency in Phoenix, AZ