A lot of times people are more interested in vanity and how they are going to look on the outside than what is going on internally. Until we’re hit with a real serious health crisis, those things designed to help us with our internal health don’t seem to penetrate in the same way that the external does. It’s hard to admit when you’re not “regular” in the bathroom or your digestive system is having issues.  No one likes talking about these things, but if you have these issues, it’s inescapable. Most people don’t connect with these sort of things in the same way they do external things. Most people are more apt to go buy a shiny car or put makeup on their face than they are to deal with a hidden health issue they are dealing with.

Now, imagine your internal issues were causing external symptoms, like bruising on your face.  Most people would take it MUCH more seriously. It’s the Invisible Demons we are dealing with that mess up our life.  

If you have something that is making your health life miserable, it’s so important to get it taken care of. Many people don’t want to face these things, yet, what’s more important than getting to the root of how you can be a better, fit human?

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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