Owning a home, a car, even a boat, is all part of the American dream. For some Americans that dream is easily obtained. For others, it remains tantalizingly out of reach. In this economy, most people just do not have the resources to pay cash for the largest investments of their lives. As a
society, we rely heavily on our ability to obtain loans and credit in order to purchase these big-ticket items. Unfortunately, an estimated 83% of Americans have some sort of derogatory credit being reported. Banks and lending institutions have made increasingly harder to obtain credit and people are rapidly beginning to lose all their purchasing power.

The Credit Clinic can help you tear down these barriers.

Inside and out. Backwards and forwards. From every angle and every facet, the Credit Clinic knows the Credit industry. We have the expertise and proven system to help you.

We offer an understanding of how a credit report works. We provide credit seminars and face-to-face consultations to better prepare our customers for the future. From the time a file is brought in and analyzed to the time that reporting errors start coming off, our customers are treated like people and not merely sources of revenue.

At The Credit Clinic, we don’t believe in the saying, “You get what you pay for”. We believe that our clients should get much more than what they are paying for. We believe in providing a valuable service at an affordable price – leaving you feeling like you just got a tremendous deal. We are in
the business of changing lives and creating smiles. That is exactly why we will never throw an array of different pricing scenarios or options at you. At The Credit Clinic, we only have one product – The product of legally working towards making your credit perfectly accurate! We believe that we
should have a clear price – A price that boasts its value and leaves our clients feeling comfortable. In addition, we don’t believe in binding our clients to contracts, as we feel that contracts make our clients feel uncomfortable. At The Credit Clinic, you will never be bound to any terms – you are free to end the relationship whenever you choose.

Just for your group we have created a special deal. Not only will we aid you in getting a free credit report, we will also be waiving our “First Work & Set Up” fee and go right into the repair process and charge just the monthly $149 fee. This is for UNLIMITED work and you will NEVER be bound to terms forcing you to stay with us.