While travel has been discouraged during the COVID-19 outbreak, as we start seeing recovery across the country, business travel is becoming more common again. The question is this: Should we travel by car or plane?

It’s really about weighing your risks. Until a vaccine is developed, it’s tough to say when we’ll be completely safe to travel again, in a pre-pandemic sense.

Planes force us to be around dozens of people in a confined space, so for now, individual car rides seem to be the safer answer according to epidemiologists. (If you’re forced to take a flight, however, take comfort in this: Your air circulates in a fairly confined space, between one to two rows around you. Widespread transmission is fairly unlikely.)

Keep in mind that each state has different regulations, especially depending on the phase they’re currently in, so be sure to check with your state rules before taking a road trip.

However, even if you take a car, certain activities make your risk even worse than a plane ride, like eating in a diner full of people every 150 miles. Many still encourage travelers to participate in curbside ordering and social distancing. “For any activity that involves leaving your house, you can measure that risk according to how much contact you’re coming into with other people,” says Jared Baeten, vice dean of the University of Washington’s School or Public Health.

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Article by Charles Jackson, President of AFEUSA

Charles Jackson AFE Board