As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more common, it’s unlikely that pandemic regulations will remain as strict as they were in March last year. However, it also creates gray areas — what’s safe and legal? Can customers sue you over your COVID-19 safety procedures?

It Varies by State
Just because COVID-19 might not be as rampant in your state anymore doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes off your state’s recovery phases and guidelines. These may be crucial to your business decisions to enforce masks, social distancing, and more.

Also, certain states grant businesses more legal protection in these times. Several states prevent businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits, including Connecticut, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada. Your state may have some exceptions to the rules, however. For example, Nevada’s bill excludes schools.

What Do I Do Now?
Relaxing your state-mandated COVID-19 regulations too early is what will open the door for legal issues with customers or even employees. Ensure your staff is following relevant guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (and keep records of proof as best you can), and you won’t have to think twice.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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