The easiest way to set yourself up to making money requires money to be first used to help leverage the income process. Money is important especially for small businesses, which is why losing any to unknown or uncompensated expenses can have detrimental effects on the company’s current and future success. Here are several ways in which a business can lose money through unknown expenses.

1. Commodities

The easiest to recognize but sometimes the hardest to dismiss is the spending on workplace commodities. Overpriced office equipment, donuts for the weekly meetings, and excessive paid time off are worth considering in small businesses that require the funds that these reoccurring payments take.

2. Vehicles

Many are not familiar with the fact that car expenses can be deducted when doing actions in relation with your work. Driving to and from clients, picking up materials, and driving to work are expenses that can be overlooked when meticulously recorded and stated along with your tax applications.

3. Document Preparation

When procuring a document, you must have it formatted and prepared either on paper, pamphlet, book, or other form. These documents, even though a lawyer or advisor can be deducted aswell.

4. Startup Costs

When starting a company there are many expenses that go into getting the business recognized and running. When doing this many of the actions in the first year can be waved off by the IRS if accepted through application. Similarly grants and small business funds are ways in which the initial costs can be reduced.

5. Miscellaneous

Some of the miscellaneous expenses are the hardest to find as they can be sometimes intentionally hidden or forgotten throughout the processes of building the business. Subscriptions to ecommerce platforms, monthly payments for inactive domain names, and bank fees are expenses that can be diminished when found. Research in required payments may also reveal cheaper or more efficient options that may be worth considering as well.


Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson