Are you tired of your fitness resolutions falling apart? Fitness is alluring to people for many different reasons, and it can be difficult to discover that reason for you.

However, there is something undeniable in being human — we all want mentors we connect well with.

Although not everyone can afford a personal trainer, Burnalong might be the perfect fitness app for you because it offers unparalleled choices. Co-CEO Daniel Freedman told INC, “Users can take thousands of classes from hundreds of instructors across 30 different categories, [and they] can take them from any device they want.”

The flexibility comes with reasonable logic, he says. “What we see in fitness and wellness is, the more choice we offer you, the more you’re likely to find that instructor who works for you.”

You don’t have to take kickbox classes exclusively from 25-year-olds with washboard abs. Now, you can find a multitude of instructors of all shapes, sizes, ability levels, and backgrounds. “It is very much about an emotional connection,” Freedman says. “Seeing someone like you, who modifies for you, is so inspiring … It’s not the glitziest videos that are the most popular; it’s all about that connection to an instructor.”

Also, Burnalong offers a unique way to socialize with others — you can take classes live with friends or family you invite. Not only does it help build a community connection (and accountability!), but it also increases your odds of success sticking with your resolutions. “The key to initiating change [and] sustaining it is social support.”

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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