At the moment, being a company leader can be extremely anxiety-inducing since anything you say sets a tone for the entire company. You want to be positive while also providing an authentic message to your staff. With the following strategies, you’ll be able to boost employee morale as we all handle this stressful situation.

Be Strategic With Your Communication

Remain calm as you keep your employees updated on policy changes and invite them to join in on brainstorming sessions. This way, you’re well informed on how to update internal systems while giving your team a sense of control that will alleviate some of their anxiety. Also, by utilizing the information that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is providing, you can negate the risk of misinformation spreading and maximize the safety of your team.

Amend Policies and Guidelines

As we begin to reopen in some areas, staff members may not be able to take their kids to day care or may still be caring for sick family members. Consider loosening restrictions on work-from-home policies and working hours as you acclimate to the new normal. By doing this, you’re showing your employees you care about their work-life balance even during this crisis, which pushes them to work even harder while on the clock.

Have Fun

Navigating this crisis is challenging, but it’s important to make the best of the situation in any way you can. If you host weekly video calls with your staff, make them fun by changing your background to your favorite film franchise and encourage your staff to do the same. If you see a particular employee really stepping up, reward them with a food delivery of their favorite lunch or coffee drink.

Handling this situation is tough for every entrepreneur out there, so it’s important to seek support from seasoned small-business owners and coaches. This isn’t the first time they’ve worked through stressful periods, and they can help you identify the best ways to support your employees. If you’re an AFEUSA member, use your exclusive discount with Big Results Academy through your membership portal.


by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA