It’s not about rock bands or astronauts anymore — 1 in 3 children in the United States (34.1%) dream about becoming a YouTuber when they grow up. If you include other platforms, over 50% desire to be an influencer or social media content creator.

What does it mean to be a YouTuber? These days, it doesn’t just mean being a gamer or comedian. It often actually means being an entrepreneur and self-starter. You can be in practically any field or industry and be a YouTuber.

Best of all, a camera and free editing software is extremely accessible if you just use your smartphone! Here are three products to encourage your child’s creativity and production skills.

Kanto Phone Stand
To put together a great quality video, you’ll want a steady camera. Nearly every cameraperson relies on equipment to keep their camera steady. (Unless you’re Steven Soderbergh in certain scenes of his iPhone filmed thriller, “Unsane.”) To get started, why not buy this phone stand that works on top of your table? You could also purchase a smartphone tripod or smartphone attachment for your tripod!

USB Lighting Bar
Your child will likely want colorful lights like they see in their favorite YouTuber’s studio. With this lighting bar at only $18.99, you’ll hardly find aesthetic lighting cheaper than this! The only slight drawback is that it’s USB powered, so you’ll need USB ports available nearby to charge it.

LED Adhesive Lighting Strip
Want to challenge your kids’ decorating ability? Hand them an LED lighting strip to design their studio! It’s a step up from the lighting bar but a little more difficult to use. This is best for older kids, like preteens or teenagers.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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