It can be challenging to keep up with social media, the new trends, pop culture, and keep up with your posts while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing feed. Here are a few apps to help you.

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe lightroom is a great photo editing software available on your computer or mobile device. The software allows you to edit photos by brightening them up, adjusting colors, adding filters and presets to bring your image to life and create a beautiful image. Adobe lightroom is useful to just enhance your photos or to create a cohesive feed for your social media page.

Hashtag Expert
Hashtag expert generates popular hashtags to include in your post or help you create custom hashtag lists. It can be downloaded on your mobile device. This is beneficial to bring in your target audience and generate new followers.

Feed Preview
Feed preview allows you to link your Instagram page and add new images without posting to check cohesiveness. It is a great tool to use if you are concerned about your color pallet and aesthetic.

Business Suite
Business suite is an amazing app which allows you to connect all your social media platforms into one place. You can post through the business suite, respond to messages, check analytics and engagement. This is perfect for you if you manage accounts on multiple platforms.

Using these apps will not only save you time but help you create and manage a bigger and better social media presence whether it is for business or personal.


Article by
Brynna Benjamin
Content Writer and Researcher