What I’ve discovered about helping people is that in most niches or industries, 5% of the people make all the money and 95% scrape around for the crumbs. The 5% who are successful are often resented by the unsuccessful people because of jealousy. Sometimes the feelings of resentfulness are because the successful 5% may have lied, cut corners, or bullied their way to the top… but most often it’s jealousy.

When I went into the cleaning niche, I was just more useful and helpful. In the beginning when I was a dead broke cleaner, I was the Arizona Director of the Carpet and Fabric Care Institute. I was trying to bring education to Arizona and help cleaners so I could meet other cleaning companies and learn how to be successful in the industry.

I understood early on you have to be valuable and communicate that value.

Once I started teaching marketing, I was always writing articles for the trade magazines, putting out valuable interviews, doing conference calls (and eventually teleconferences, and then webinars), and so on. I just put out so much free information. When you do that, people start wondering, “If this is what he/she is giving away for free, how much more valuable is the stuff they are charging for?!”

I’ve always been an advocate of being useful, helpful and generous. It’s an effective way of making sure you get more business.

Some people you never see unless you pay them huge fees, but it’s a totally different type of positioning. If you go into an industry where people keep their secrets closely guarded or they rarely share anything, and YOU become the generous person putting out podcasts and valuable information, you will win more business.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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