I was very disconnected growing up. I was shy. I was introverted. I didn’t feel comfortable talking to people… The journey of recovery, and the pursuit of becoming more connected, was my saving grace.

People want to be connected. No one wants to be disconnected. If someone feels disconnected, they may lean on artificial means of trying to connect. When people interact, they are either in communication, or they are trying to escape. A great example is when you are at an event or in public and someone comes up to talk with you. You might feel an immediate affinity with that person… or, you could feel like something is off. It’s worth thinking about why that is.

What is your vibe? What is the energy you’re giving off that allows people to connect?

I started connecting with others when I realized that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get what I wanted out of life. I couldn’t get things like friendships, opportunities, business, money, etc., if I didn’t learn to connect. So, I started putting myself out there. It’s one thing to be shy and introverted. It’s another to be isolated and incapable of interacting with other people.

That which you fear controls you; that which you fear and face, you can control it. Overcoming certain fears and challenges is the way to grow.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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