Getting 5% back on all your purchases is a tempting offer — even if it’s only cents most of the time, it can still majorly add up by the end of the year. But are rewards cards really worth it? Let’s take a look.

Pay off the bill on time.
If you don’t pay off your card every month, then it’s definitely not worth it. The compounding interest on your purchases typically far outweighs the rewards you’d get. So make sure that you’re paying your bills on time to cash in on your rewards!

Skip the annual fee.
There are so many reward cards on the market today, why pick one that forces you to pay an annual fee? Especially if this is your first reward credit card, we recommend picking one that doesn’t cost you every single year.

Check the fine print.
Some people earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year in credit card rewards — not to mention free flights or hotel stays. However, that’s why it’s important to read the fine print of your rewards card and ensure you can redeem the reward you’re trying to earn. A reward is only good if you can actually use it, after all!

Pay off past debts.
Before applying for a rewards card, ask yourself: Can you pay off your past credit card debt? Ultimately, you can’t be weighed down by debts if you want to benefit from a rewards card. It’ll be difficult to afford new payments if you’re still crushed under credit card debt.

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Article by Charles Jackson, President of AFEUSA

Charles Jackson AFE Board