AFEUSA knows that through association, there be success when starting, maintaining and growing a business. True entrepreneurs aren’t just born, they are created. They are inspired, supported and nurtured by those around them every day. Continually exposing individuals to the freedoms that come from being a contributing member of society through the self-discipline and dedication of entrepreneurship is an honor we don’t take lightly. In fact, we take it so seriously that we recognize that there are many deserving organizations that will have a much farther reach when supported financially in addition to providing them a platform to engage in the topics that matter to them most. AFEUSA is committed to funding local and national organizations that continue to educate and strengthen entrepreneurs.

We invite you to learn more about what your community is doing to grow small businesses and certainly hope that you will share any organizations we’ve not yet listed.

Have a success story? Let us feature that story in an upcoming article. Success through Association starts with AFEUSA.

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