Cyber Monday is the biggest day for online sales out of the year. Amazing deals and focused marketing prove highly effective for businesses with both physical and digital products. Since most businesses have online platforms, Cyber Monday has only grown in popularity in recent years, encouraging all e-commerce sites to not only participate, but be prepared for the chaos to come. Here are several ways that you could plan to make the most of your e-commerce platform for the upcoming Cyber Monday.

1) Marketing Campaigns
Marketing is going to tell people why they should buy your product/service. Depending on your brand you may focus more via email or social media, however the most effective strategies have a combination of both.

2) SEO
Search Engine Optimization gets your website more views and clicks whenever searched directly or using key words. Most users purchase whatever is most accessible, therefore promoting one’s website to be more noticeable online is a highly practiced way for improved success.

3) Item Discount Strategies
Discounting items and promoting bundles are proven to get more attraction and sales regardless of season or holiday. Your business strategy must be taken into consideration as surpluses and scarcities in certain products can gather negative effects from mismanaged deals. Alternating deals keeps users more frequent around the website while encouraging sales of a variety of products in differing integers. Deals like these should be considered to make the most opportunistic and financial use of the day’s and resulting sales.

4) Customer Support
Having customer support lined up is vital in maintaining struggling customers. If customers have an issue or question, they are substantially more likely not to buy if overlooked or missed.

5) Website Optimization
Wherever the sales are being made should be polished and refined before any growth of sales come in. Make sure the site is able to hold 100’s of users at a time or won’t lag when opening. Optimizing the user experience builds customer satisfaction, which in turn increases sales.



Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson