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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be Blogging

Picture this: You have a great idea for a product and you build up a business around it. It takes off for a while - you’ve got a great team with a common vision and great marketing ideas. Maybe your business does well...for a while. Then sales start to suffer....

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Tax Tips For The End of The Year

The end of the year can be an overwhelming time for anyone, and that is especially true for business owners. When you’re trying to wrap up the year successfully, it can feel nearly impossible to enjoy the holidays. With everything on your to-do list, worrying about...

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One Moment In Time

Are you too tough on yourself? Did you ever mess up and keep re-living the mistake? Have you ever dropped the ball at a critical moment and never gotten over it? If you said “yes” to any of those three questions this true story might help you live your life from a...

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