There are times when you have to triage. You can’t respond to everybody. And you can’t fix the world with broken hands… You’ve got to take care of yourself. As important everything else is, your Health is critical. If you take care of YOU first, you are able to help other people.

When you look at situations where you don’t like how you responded – you can improve it, and keep improving. The common thread of all this is CONSISTENCY.

You don’t eat a healthy meal once, and all of a sudden you’re healthy. You don’t have a great workout once, and all of a sudden you’re in great physical shape. You don’t write a great ad once, and all of a sudden you’re a world class copywriter. It is about CONSISTENT activities and CONCENTRATION.

Building solid, rich, meaningful relationships is due to the compound interest of CONSISTENT CONCENTRATION. And, the best way to develop relationships is consistently being more valuable to people, than they are to you. If you do this with enough people over a period of time, not only will you have people who will collaborate with you… but if you’re ever hurting, or you need someone to call, or talk to, or even cry to… you will have people there to help you.

Some days we are doing awesome. Other days, we aren’t. And that’s okay. That’s just life. And life is the only thing worth living for. Consistently make your life as amazing as you can.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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