Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing technique used to improve organic audience traffic for a business’ online presence. SEO is a cost-efficient way to grab attention from a demographically wide audience. This strategy is trackable through analytics as well. Having this marketing tool under your belt as an entrepreneur will allow you to be dangerous amongst other competitors. Below are five ways to boost SEO for your business:

  1. Use keywords

SEO is all built upon algorithms embedded in search engines such as Google. These algorithms cherry pick specialized words out of a website, video, blog, etc. Find “keywords” and write them into your project, strategically choose, and repeat them often, use a resource like Free Keyword Generator to effectively choose words to include in your online business platforms. 

Pro Tip: Reference the “KD” level of a keyword, choose a word with a relatively low keyword difficulty percentage for better chances to rank in the top of search results.

  1. Find the SEO tools hidden in your platform

Whether it is YOUTUBE, Squarespace, WIX, or social media, almost every platform with a paid prescription has hidden SEO tools for your use. These tools often help generate keywords for your project and allow you to alter meta descriptions and title tags.

  1. Research what Google likes

Google is regularly changing their algorithms. One week, it may prefer shorter projects to sift through, and another it may prefer 5000-word articles with 25 different keywords. 

  1. Key phrases

Just like keywords, SEO requires key phrases. This key phrase will include your keywords and should be found in the first paragraph of your article or video. Do not be afraid to “over-stuff” your projects with key words if your main goal is to grow traffic.

  1. Re-visit your posted projects

As I mentioned earlier, Google is always changing which means your projects should be as well. The purpose of SEO is to get readers, listeners, watchers, etc.… If your previous projects did well, why would you want to keep the momentum flowing? 

Article by
Kourtney Delperdang
Lead Writer