Consumers have the market in their hands; take control by gaining their loyalty.

  1. Align your brand with your customer’s goals
    The most genuine tip for keeping customer loyalty is to portray your brand honestly. Be relatable. Pro-tip: use your marketing strategies to depict your brand in a personable way.
  2. Have exceptional communication
    Offer multiple accessible communication channels. Having authentic conversations with a consumer can place your business ahead of others and keep your customers coming back.
  3. Experience being a customer for yourself
    Step out of the role of a business entrepreneur and into the role of a consumer partnering with your company. Critically visualize the pain-points in their journey.
  4. Have a solid reward system
    It is essential for customers to build a consistent connection with you through rewards for purchases or referrals. Here are a few reward systems that benefit the customer, but also your business: point programs, tiered memberships, cash back, sales for future purchases, or social media sharing.
  5. Seek out customer feedback
    As a new business, customer feedback makes it easier to deeply understand how your customers feel about your business. Make it known that their opinions matter.

The sole purpose of customer loyalty is to keep your customers excited on what your business is going to do next. The element of surprise is quite appealing.

Article by
Kourtney Delperdang
Lead Writer