There was an Entrepreneur who had reached out to me some time ago looking for some help to grow their Business. Let’s say his name was “Steve”. I thought about who might be most useful for Steve to talk with, and I realized Genius Network® Member Jason Fladlien would be very useful. I reached out to Jason to see if he wanted to help Steve, and Jason replied back with some really interesting advice…

Jason recognized Steve didn’t have experience in the Information Industry, and he mentioned how for the particular market Steve was entering, it’s often far more effective to coach Entrepreneurs like Steve if they are ALREADY GOOD in the Information Industry and they want to take things to the Next-Level. I immediately realized I could share Jason’s advice with Steve and it would be EXTREMELY valuable for them to start GETTING GOOD in the Information Industry. 

So, here’s the advice I gave Steve ANY Entrepreneur can use. If you want to GET GOOD in the Information Industry, DO THIS:


  1. Look for, and create SUCCESS RECIPES. Look at what people are ALREADY doing in the space, and see how you can make it even better and more valuable. This means being able to package and position what you have effectively.
  2. The best marketers who have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of programs, expertise, and coaching REVERE marketing. They actually love marketing. They don’t undervalue it; They appreciate its value.
  3. Look for a group where you can buy speed. There are great groups solely focused on packaging and selling info-products. Other groups focus on online marketing. These groups can really help accelerate the learning curve for you. (Also, this won’t cost you money and will enhance you: The I Love Marketing podcast I do with my co-host, Dean Jackson, at
  4. There are various Information Marketing Experts who can help you get up to speed FAST. Some of these individuals specialize in helping people sell their expertise, others help position coaches, and still, others focus solely on information product development.
  5. If you have a success story you’re attempting to share with the world, it’s one thing to have a story; It’s another to sell, package, communicate, create copy, and more. Getting good at learning and building A SYSTEM is how your ideas turn into an E.L.F.® Business (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun!).

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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