The start of the new year gets everybody motivated to set new goals for their everyday life. Your business goals ought to be included as well. The early months of the year is the right time to take the next step forward in your professional life.

If you are an entrepreneur who already has a business, then take this time to structure everything that you have in mind for the future and start to revise your marketing plan as a way to bring that future into reality.

Every business is different. To achieve their goals, different companies might have to take different roads that you ever would – but there are marketing tips and solutions that can adapt to every industry. Because of this, they are the true keys to success.

Nobody should start a business thinking that the road to success will be easy. Yes, your business idea can sound like it will amount to a million dollars, but if you don’t implement your marketing plan in the right way, it might amount to a loss rather than a gain.

By now, you might be wondering: What is the key to success in entrepreneurial life? Sometimes we need to be reminded that a solid combination of hard work and dedication is what gets us where we want to go. If you are a person who does not stop working until your goals are achieved, then this is definitely the right career for you. Some things may discourage an entrepreneurial spirit, but nothing ever stops it. Your commitment is what will make your business grow.

A business plan might sound easy to draft – you just have to figure out what do you want to achieve and how you want to go about achieving it. But applying it to your day-to-day activities as a business owner is another story.

As we said before, commitment is what will make you see yourself come out on the other side of the struggle. Nevertheless, we prepared for you a list of five marketing tips that will help your business grow in ways you could not imagine.


The first thing you need to know as a business is who you are directing your business to. It is surprisingly easy to figure out – you just have to ask yourself the following questions: What problem does your product or service solve? Who do you think your business serves better than any other? Does your products or services add any extra value, or innovate on an older design or feature?

Once you answer these questions, you will have a clearer picture of who your target audience ought to be. Research the market and figure out how your target audience investigates, purchases, uses the products and services associated with that market.

It never hurts take your competitors into consideration in this research, since they are probably directing everything the sell to the same kind of people you do. 


Everyone is online nowadays, and your business should be there too. It is important that your customers can find you online, but you also ought to show that your website has the right tools for your customers to interact with you in the right way.

When designing your website, keep it is as simple as possible. A website is an experience, and if people find it too complicated to navigate, they will just leave as soon as they land on it.

That said, you still need to have comprehensive content to educate potential customers thoroughly. Elements such as SEO and branding are vital aspects of the creation process, so tie those optimizations into the simplicity of your web design to get the best results.


The material you produce as a business can be more helpful than you think. Content marketing is a way to connect with your existing customer base and create a conversation with them.

This technique fits to every type of business out there. All you must do is select a topic and start creating authoritative content about it. The content you create can be something as simple as a blog post, or something more elaborate like a video that explains what is on your mind that day or provides details on what you think people need to know.

Providing quality information for your clients is what will give value to your business, because that quality will allow them to relate to your products or services.


This is the most common marketing technique used for eCommerce, but not everybody uses it in the right way. First of all, you have to choose the right platforms for your business. As counter-intuitive as this fact is, not every social media site out there will work for your business. There’s very little need for a platform like Instagram if you provide only consultation services, to name an example.

Once you choose the right platform, make sure that the content you post on your social media platform illustrates the right message for your target. If style is a concern, you can use strategies like influencer marketing, storytelling, and more to make your message as palatable as possible for whoever you want to see it.


There is nothing wrong with connecting with people who run different businesses in different industries. In actual fact, have an inclusive approach to networking will benefit both you and the other parties you reach out to, since you will be able to experience entrepreneurship more holistically, as well as possessing the opportunity to implement what worked for them into a unique approach that may also work for you.

Connections will also give you the opportunity to promote your business face to face. Sharing your thoughts with other people outside of your niche will allow you to have a clearer picture of how business works in general and how to boost your specific business in ways that address your needs.

by: Emily Brady

Emily Brady

Emily Brady is a content writer for AFEUSA. Her education in Communication Sciences with an emphasis in journalism from Brigham Young University makes her a great fit for AFEUSA. Emily enjoys writing and often works as a freelance writer in her free time.