Freelancers can pretty much work on anything, and from anywhere. With the limit of restrictions a freelancer has it’s no wonder the popularity in this field has risen considerably. And finding work with little to no experience doesn’t have to prevent you. Here are 5 easy freelance jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home.


1. Virtual assistant
This position doesn’t necessarily require formal training or a degree of any kind, although possessing skills in the administrative field will be helpful. Most companies prefer someone who has knowledge in various desktop tools such as Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint. But as long as you have common sense and the smarts to carry out the most mundane of tasks, such as responding to emails, setting up schedules, or ordering inventory online, it should come as an easy option.

2. Social Media Manager
If you already spend countless hours browsing social media sites, why not get paid for it! More and more companies are starting to hire individuals to manage their social media rather than employing a full-time marketing staff.

3. Data Entry Specialist
Here’s a gig for those of you with an eye for detail. Your time consists of searching data online and entering it on Excel or Google sheets. It’s a tedious job, but if you’re fine with repetition then it’s worth considering.

4. Content Writer
This can be one of the best ways to start your freelance work and begin building your portfolio. There’s a huge variety of content to be written, with many involve little to no research on your part. Some of the more common areas of interest include academic or research writings. Or writing content for websites, e-books, articles and blogs.

5. Proofreader
Think back to your days in high school. Remember proofreading the papers of your classroom peers before they were turned it in? Well, this is along those same lines. All this job requires is a knack for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And again, the ability to catch every little detail. Basically, you are a second set of eyes, looking for mistakes and correcting them before final print.


Freelance work surely comes with its perks. You might start off slow and pay might not be the greatest to begin with but after you’ve established a reputation within your field and can build up your portfolio, you’ll find freelance work to be quite lucrative.


Article by
Ava Collins
Content Writer and Researcher

Student award winner Ava Collins