Does your family consider road trips to be a little ordinary? If you feel like the excitement levels aren’t where they should be this holiday season, then we have a few tips to upgrade the experience and have a blast on your next road trip.

First, buy a great cooler and plot out unique grocery/snack stops ahead of time. Who says you need to be stuck eating fast-food on your road trip? Find out if any local co-ops, small groceries, or gourmet food boutiques do business in the area you’re traveling to. For example, if you find a delicious jam or spread at one of your stops, go on a scavenger hunt to find some awesome local bread to enjoy with it!

Second, make the interior of your car as inviting as possible. Clean it thoroughly so it looks brand new! You want your family to feel like this trip is an event, not a commute. You could also put in new cushions or blankets, or, if you want to dish out extra money, update the interior with new speakers or upholstery.

Third, consider renting a more expensive or spacious car for the trip. If you’re saving bucks on plane tickets already, you could consider renting a luxury car or a spacious van to excite your family even more for the trip.

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Article by Charles Jackson, President of AFEUSA

Charles Jackson AFE Board