All too often, companies agonize over the best possible brand name, and then rush through the naming process for products. Don’t fall into that trap. Things like choosing an unflattering product name or even just having the wrong product packaging can be costly. If you find yourself wondering how you can avoid the time and hassle caused by a bad product name, here are three tips for naming your new product that will ensure you get it right the first time.

Keep It Simple

If your customers can’t remember how to spell your product name, it won’t stick in their mind. Similarly, if customers struggle to find your product online — aka, if you chose a product name that already saturates your industry — it will hurt you. When picking your product name, keep it simple to spell and pronounce, and simple to find with a search engine. Try to pick a product name that is unique, even if it’s only within your industry.

Invoke Feeling

Words and names come with histories, and when you name your product, you should be using the language your target customers use to create the desired feelings in them. Ideally, your product’s name should be both emotive and inspiring. When your product speaks to your customers’ emotions, they will think of you first when considering a purchase.

Be Descriptive

While not all product names need to describe a product or service, doing so can be a simple and efficient way to create strong and functional product names. Weight Watchers, for example, name their meal plans based on exactly what they are — Filling and Healthy, Lower Carb, or Mediterranean. By doing so, Weight Watchers helps their customers quickly and easily find the product they want within the brand; you should strive for this sort of efficiency as well!

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by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA