Good help is hard to find. It can be an overwhelming task to hire new staff for your company — and it’s even worse when new employees don’t keep their promises. We’ll be real: Nobody knows the kind of employee you need better than you do, but three key factors must be satisfied for any hire to be successful.

First, you want someone with ability. Your prospective employee needs to explain how their current skills will contribute to the position and the company’s mission. This will help display their inner compass as they navigate their role in your business. You may also want to ask for stories about their employment history, such as a time when they encountered a significant problem and solved it.

Second, motivation is a key factor to their success. Why are they interested in the position to begin with? What are their career goals, and how does the position help them achieve those? Ask them about their proudest professional achievement thus far, and observe how they perceive their career trajectory.

Third, look for sustainability factors. Ask your potential staff member why they left their previous employer, or why they’re considering leaving their employer. What’s their ideal work environment? What type of boss is ideal for them? What would previous coworkers and supervisors say about their work ethic?

Looking for these three facets in your ideal candidate can greatly improve your judgment and hiring process. But if you’re still struggling to find good help, join AFEUSA and work with our partner Eric’s Jobs to discover star employees for your business. You’ll even get a member-exclusive discount for their services.

Article by Charles Jackson, President of AFEUSA

Charles Jackson AFE Board