Eating one good, healthy meal can feel like a massive victory — but doing it consistently, especially as business owners, can be a huge challenge.

At the same time, during a pandemic, it’s never been more important to do so. Your immune system needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to function. And, if you do get sick, a well-fed immune system can make the illness far easier to deal with.

In the spirit of staying well, here are some quick hacks to overcome the challenges of eating well, for yourself and the whole family!

First, think of meal planning like choosing what restaurant to eat at. Get excited about your cravings! People assume they don’t have time for meal planning or that it has to be boring. Why? The secret is not to think too hard about it. If your restaurants of choice aren’t super healthy, choose healthy versions of the dishes. Craving hamburgers? Try black bean burgers with unique toppings like avocado or pickled onions, and have crunchy baked Brussels sprouts for a side instead of fries.

Second, in your downtime, inform yourself on cooking techniques and/or new dishes you could make. This will regularly open up new dish options to you and keep you excited in the kitchen. Informing yourself could mean subscribing to a few cooking channels on YouTube or downloading apps like Tasty or Project Foodie to your phone.

Third, don’t feel bad about buying premade ingredients once in a while. Buying grilled chicken strips instead of making them? That’s okay! Convenience is sometimes necessary to maintain a healthy diet for ourselves, and grocery stories are happy to help with produce like pre-sliced vegetables.

Eating well can seem like a lot of work because it takes some forethought. AFEUSA members don’t have to sweat, though — they can enjoy a $35 discount on their first order from Home Chef. Join AFEUSA today, and our benefits will help you succeed in the kitchen and in the office!

by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA