Even as people return to the office, many businesses are still hiring remote workers. People can be a little shy, however, about giving these remote workers a rousing, warm welcome! Here are a few ways you can get to know your new employees (and vice versa!) even if you’re working from home.

No. 1: Guess Who?
Put together a survey for everyone to fill out with fun questions, such as “What’s the best vacation you’ve had?” or “What was your first job?” Then, during your next meeting or icebreaker, read out the answers to the questions and make people guess who it is! It’s definitely a fun way of learning new things about people.

No. 2: Group Mad Libs
Using a Mad Libs book or even a company blog post (just replace words with prompts for their grammatical function), ask your group for nouns, adjectives, places, names, etc. to complete the story. Then, while using the group’s suggestions, read the story out loud. The results are always hilarious!

No. 3: ‘What’s the Coolest or Weirdest Thing You Own?’
During this icebreaker, people bring their coolest or weirdest belongings to the next video meeting! Hearing about their awesome, unique, or just strange backstories could be a fun conversation point for many more years of their employment.

If you’re looking for more remote workers to add to your team, don’t look further than Eric’s Jobs, AFEUSA’s official job-recruiting partner! We hope these ideas help you have fun with your coworkers and friends, even from a distance.

Article by Charles Jackson, President of AFEUSA

Charles Jackson AFE Board