No matter what size business you have, you need legal expertise to guide you through certain business decisions. Without guidance, you’re prone to making mistakes because you haven’t spent thousands of hours on learning the law like a lawyer has. So, if you’re facing any of the following scenarios, it’s a good idea to call your attorney:

No. 1: Creating a Partnership Agreement
If you’ve found an amazing business partner, it might seem tempting to jump the gun and start working with your partner within your business right away. However, business partnerships can go wrong, even 20 years from the start of your partnership, over simple misunderstandings.

With a legal document outlining your partnerships’ obligations, as well as the individuals’ investment and their rewards, you won’t have to worry about blurred lines that can occur over time.

No. 2: Understanding and Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Good ideas aren’t always free, especially when they’re your own. Unfortunately, there may be people who try to disguise your ideas as their own or claim you’ve done the same to theirs. Laws about intellectual property can be convoluted, and you really need a good attorney to understand how to navigate them.

No. 3: Changing Employee Contracts
As your business changes, so will your employee contracts. You absolutely need a knowledgeable contract attorney to be on your side for this! Don’t assume that changing a few sentences from your last contract won’t cause any issues. A legal expert can predict potential problems you’ll face and prescribe the next steps you should take.

Getting an attorney to help simplify our business decisions can be intimidating, but not for AFEUSA members — for as little as $20 a month, you’ll have access to LegalShield and be able to ask qualified attorneys unlimited legal questions. With over 650 employees ready to serve you, you’ll never be left in the dark with your business and personal legal concerns.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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