AFEUSA provides access to appropriate benefits, products and services needed and desired by its members on a cooperative, cost efficient and economical basis utilizing its group strength and purchasing powers.

Wireless Phone Service

Your Business At The Speed Of 4G FLASH Wireless Your Way - Choose from the Nation’s Best Wireless Network Choose from no contract & service contract plans Bring your own device or select from a range of handsets UNLIMITED Plans Choose from 2 World Plans &...

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ACN Digital Phone Service

There’s nothing quite as powerful – or personal – as the human voice. Shouldn’t sharing your voice with those you love be easy and affordable? Includes unlimited¹ calling to more than 80 landline and mobile destinations Options to expand your calling area to include...

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Time To Publish Business E-Book?

Nothing makes a statement in your market like publishing your own book in your area of expertise. It can also help position you as a thought leader in your industry. If you haven’t already published a book related to your niche to show off your knowledge, than the...

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Multilevel Marketers, “Consultants” or Pawns?

If you’re ever on Facebook, chances are you know someone who works for a multi-level marketing company. Whether it’s your next-door neighbor, your coworker’s wife or your very own sister, you’re probably just as tired as I am with receiving all those Mary Kay and...

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Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Affiliate Marketing can really put people off for a few reasons, but stick with me. I once worked for an agency that had me write the occasional affiliate articles. Essentially, we would promote products from other companies, and my agency received a portion of...

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