Employment and labor laws cover everything from preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, wage and hour laws, and workers’ compensation regulations. AFE USA guides small business owners and entrepreneurs to understand and comply to labor laws and regulations; including and not limited to: labor cost, taxation issues, insurance cost, legal issues, etc.

Facebook Page For Business 101

If you have yet to open a Facebook Page to promote your business, now is the time. Yesterday, was, actually, but let’s get you started. If you don’t yet have an understanding of how social media (i.e. Facebook, in this example) plays a part in the five components of...

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Why You Want To Hire Baby Boomers

There is a misconception that baby boomers lack the novelty factor or adaptability to keep up with the evolving economy. Yes, they may not be as tech savvy as their millennial counterparts, or have the robust energy or lack of family obligations to work countless...

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Business Laws – Top 3 Must-knows For Entrepreneurs

Maybe you are still wearing all of the hats in start-up mode, and if so, we congratulate you on looking so good for lack of sleep. Or perhaps you have graduated from hiring independent contractors, or 1099 employees to fill in the blanks and need to take on some heavy...

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Time To Publish Business E-Book?

Nothing makes a statement in your market like publishing your own book in your area of expertise. It can also help position you as a thought leader in your industry. If you haven’t already published a book related to your niche to show off your knowledge, than the...

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Multilevel Marketers, “Consultants” or Pawns?

If you’re ever on Facebook, chances are you know someone who works for a multi-level marketing company. Whether it’s your next-door neighbor, your coworker’s wife or your very own sister, you’re probably just as tired as I am with receiving all those Mary Kay and...

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Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Affiliate Marketing can really put people off for a few reasons, but stick with me. I once worked for an agency that had me write the occasional affiliate articles. Essentially, we would promote products from other companies, and my agency received a portion of...

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